The Empress Directive or E.D. is dedicated to an overview of monthly content, thoughts and/or theme’s presented throughout All opinions and view’s expressed within the site or in the E.D. will be inspiring and attempt provoke conscious thought. Although trends, the nature and characters of people or situations are taken into context when creating articles, we are fully aware that almost anything can be debated with enough creditable information. Again, the intention & views of will never be to embrace the ego in it’s quest to place feelings of superiority at the fore-front of your mind or thinking process, but rather introduce topics that promote awareness and provide substantial information to begin that personal research related to the topic of interest which may assist in some form of positive growth.  Evolving in this fashion is not to say ‘Look who’s better than who now that I have tons of information available at my fingertips’, instead it’s more humble and reflective of ‘Look at what I’ve been through & how this knowledge has helped me grow. Now I am better prepared from life & less willing to back down from it because of its challenges.’ You can accomplish peace & happiness with the least amount of stress & effort, however, in the beginning it will take time & patience with yourself and with others to get to the point of happy and truly sustainable life management to which you can move forward consistently with these experiences & accomplishments you’ve made.

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  1. QueenPress Says:

    I look forward to all of the information presented within this website. is a wonderful resource to those women ready to find themselves again as well as find and help each other!

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