Today we not only celebrate the the inception of Queenology.com but we embrace our own ability to seek out the right kind of change. To remember where we came from and keep sight of where we are going. To raise ourselves up to the light and remember who we are eternally and help the light within to shine even brighter than it ever did. We are here to de-thrown cliche’s and live up to our own positive expectations. We accept the role of being more responsible for our own actions and with gladness in our hearts we become our own greatest work of art. Through all of these things we realize that it is by looking back into ourselves that we find the knowledge we need and bring our dreams into focus by harnessing all elements of who we are and evolving. Welcome All who search for answers, all who share great wisdom, all who believe that it is within each of us to be the best we can be and thru that journey we change the world – starting with ourselves!

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